07:00 Digital Monitoring with an app to prevent damage of positive displacement pumps
Speaker: Mikael Tekneyan (NETZSCH)
07:45 The basics of good pump design - This is how it will work with the gear pump
Speaker: Holger Kremer (WITTE)
08:30 Modern Pump Seal Technology: Magnetic vs. Mechanical – How to find your ideal solution?
Speaker: Kerstin Maier (MUNSCH), Niels Büngeler (EDUR) 
09:15 Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow - Applications and Development of Dosing Pumps
Speaker: Pandu Rundana, Daniel Clews (SERA)
10:00 The canned motor pump from the manufacturer’s viewpoint: design and practical challenges
Speaker: Michael Maier (HERMETIC)
10:45 Discover the full cost saving potential of diaphragm pumps
Speaker: Daniel Hagnbuchner, Oliver Proost (FELUWA)
11:30 Safe handling of critical gaseous liquids
Speaker: Klaus Reischl (SERO)
12:15 Save energy intelligently and efficiently with high pressure
Speaker: Jan Sprakel (KAMAT)
13:00 BREAK
13:15 The 10 most beautiful gear pump damages or how not to kill your gear pump
Speaker: Holger Kremer (WITTE)
14:00 Superior Multiphase Technology - Simplify your System, Save Energy and Optimize Costs
Speaker: Niels Büngeler (EDUR)
14:45 How to reduce TCO costs by more than three times
Speaker: Mikael Tekneyan (NETZSCH)
15:30 Prediction of critical operating conditions for reciprocating positive displacement pumps
Speaker: Rüdiger Bullert (LEWA)
16:15 Simple measures to extend the pump’s life
Speaker: Jan Sprakel (KAMAT)
17:00 Configuring drum pumps safely - Do´s and Dont´s
Speaker: Jürgen Rabenseifner (FLUX)
17:45 Simplify your life with sealing solutions. Identify your pain point and get the best results.
Speaker: Benjamin Wessling, Marc Brechtel (EAGLEBURGMANN)
18:30 HERMETIC Expertools – easy and quick pump selection
Speaker: Dominik Hegen (HERMETIC)
19:15 Cross-industry FAQ session - 12 manufacturers answer your questions live
Speaker: All Experts (PANEL DISCUSSION)